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A Brief History

I build websites and apps on a daily basis. I have made it my career for the past 18 years and it is something I am really passionate about. I also come from a background in cheerleading, being that I cheered in college at the University of Oklahoma, worked for the National Cheerleaders Association and have been loosely associated with the spirit industry ever since whether that’s judging competitions or just working for clients in that field.

In recent years, I have seen a growing need for an affordable, turnkey solution that is developed and managed by professionals. Moreover, I have witnessed a need for something that is developed specifically for cheer gyms and dance studios, with features their owners really care about. Spirit Buzz is that solution! It is a service built from years of experience developing sites and apps for clients.

What Is Spirit Buzz?

Spirit Buzz in its simplest form is a service where you pay a monthly fee for a professional website and iPhone app. The website has its own custom domain name that you choose (i.e., yourbusinessname.com) and your app is available to download from the Apple App Store. My goal with the service is two parts: The first is providing quality, professional products with beautiful design. The second objective is to make this service affordable.

To do these things, New Look Media built a framework that allows a native iOS app to pull content directly from the same “backend” as a website. This gives the administrator of the website complete control over the website and the app, all from the same system. The iOS app itself is modular in design allowing the Spirit Buzz customer to pick and choose which modules they want to use on their app. In addition to the modules, one of the most powerful features of the app is the ability to add your own pages – directly from the administrative website. The sliding menu on the left side of the app will contain your choice of pages with unique content for each. This service is about flexibility and choice.


We live in a world where personal technology is advancing at a staggering rate, whether that is the latest Apple Watch, iPhone or yet to be released product. The goal for Spirit Buzz is to provide software to the spirit industry that meets these advances head on. We will develop new modules and refine the ones that we already provide. Our plans are big and we thank all that come along for the ride.